"Baby come back"

Music video

Atenzia Records

Shot/Edited by Love Oijens

Directed by Jonas Rosén Comerford




Short film

On a warm afternoon in the suburbs of Stockholm three frustrated Youths decide to

revolt against a failing society. Their actions set them on collision course with Conny,

marginalized drug dealer on a mission – to deliver his package at any cost.


A collaborative short drama with strong lead performances from a stellar cast.

Starring Erik Bolin as Conny.

Introducing Alexej Antic, Abdulbari Abdulaziz Ali,

Aleksandar Gajic as the Youths.

Supporting actors David Nzinga, Rolf Lejdegård

as the Prisoners.

Lina Perned, Tomas Lundin

as the Cops


Directed by Julian de Acha from his story.

Shot/Edited by Julian Antell.

Written/Produced by Jonas Rosén Comerford.